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Combining wood, stone, paint and epoxy to create two and three dimensional objects that refer to a broad scope of themes and concepts. 


Creating both realistic and abstract interpretations of the human form using a variety of techniques and media.


Transporting viewers by studying natural environments through deeply focused observation realized through meditative painting, .

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Mark H Cambell Fine Art

2343, 42nd Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116, US

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art with elders

my art and life

It's in our Nature

Inspiring sprituality through creatvity, compassion and enhancing awareness of our nature.

abstract addison gallery of american art

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Growing list of important collectors and museums. 

Having spent my life refining the craft of a constantly evolving process, I aim to make things that not only explore deep meaning but also exemplify the careful and meditative purpose that is the hallmark of careful and quality-focused action.